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Design a comprehensive rebrand to radically reposition Oxygen as a premiere destination for investigative crime programming.


Differentiate the brand voice and design from traditional crime programming by focusing on the nuances of intrigue and motive over sensationalism and clichés.


An all-new brand identity and cross-platform design strategy for the fastest-growing cable entertainment network, which experienced a 51% increase in viewership post-launch.

Oxygen New Network for Crime
Oxygen Uncover The Unthinkable

Striking Positioning

We positioned the new brand to lead the True Crime programming zeitgeist.

Capitalizing on a strong ratings boost surrounding their weekday “Crime Time” marathons, Oxygen sought to rebrand themselves as a modern true crime channel that would resonate with their predominantly female audience. To differentiate the brand from other networks, we steered away from tired crime clichés and took a more nuanced approach to the genre. The result is a sensory and emotional experience that focuses on motive and intrigue.

Oxygen 3 Days to Live
Oxygen Striking

Brand Design

Every aspect of Oxygen’s new identity invites viewers to lean in and look closer.

The design system mirrors the complex process of untangling real-life criminal cases, drawing inspiration from newspaper clippings and police reports. Close cropping, negative space, and off-kilter alignments keep viewers on edge and actively engaged. Driven by a choppy animation style, deliberate omissions and reveals of design elements create a disturbing, unsettled atmosphere to reinforce emphasis on psychological motive. Automated toolkits streamline the process of updating and generating new collateral to flex the brand messaging.

Oxygen OOH Transgression
Oxygen Posters

Cross-Platform Strategy

From social media to out-of-home, we helped make sure Oxygen content translates wherever it goes.

We developed a series of comprehensive style guides for Oxygen that outline best practices for building evocative narratives across platforms and out-of-home. Automated toolkits help streamline the process for internal teams’ non-stop generation of new on-air, social media and promo content— building off of and personifying the brand’s striking, inquisitive point of view. Finally, an in-depth social strategy helped connect Oxygen’s content and talent to the wider true crime conversation, compelling new online audiences to get in on the mystery.

Oxygen Audio
Oxygen Microphone

Sonic Branding

We created an unsettling atmosphere of mystery and tension with a sonic extension of the core brand language.

Our sound partners YouTooCanWoo created layers of tactile sound effects and clipped audio—at once familiar but ambiguous—to keep the viewer guessing and complement the fractious nature of the brand’s visual elements.


Visual Identity –– Brand Strategy –– Logo Design –– Animation –– Graphic Design –– Print Design –– Copywriting –– Editing –– Sonic Branding –– Audio Logo –– Music Supervision –– Post-Production –– Brand Guidelines –– Toolkits

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