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SYFY Sonic Branding Case Study


Inspire and execute a comprehensive sonic identity to help establish SYFY as the biggest, most inclusive destination for a passionate, diverse audience of modern genre fans.


Design for activation across all potential touchpoints where the brand can be heard, thinking beyond linear TV to digital, film, social, mobile, and connected home devices.


The first TV audio brand designed and optimized for all communication platforms, including a sonic brand strategy, audio logo mnemonic, original score, toolbox, and music guidelines.

SYFY Sonic Brand Banner
SYFY Tools

A Universe of Sound

How do you create a signature sound palette that resonates with genre fans?

Science fiction is exploding in pop culture, giving rise to an incredibly diverse fandom. SYFY invited us to help reimagine their brand and define opportunities to resonate with their passionate audience. The new brand essence of SYFY is articulated by a bold audio logo mnemonic we composed to invoke both classic and modern sci-fi, and flexible enough to pair with all programming including fantasy, horror, paranormal, and superhero genres.

SYFY Speaker
SYFY It's A Fan Thing
SYFY WIRE on a Laptop
SYFY Sonic Branding style guide

Cross-Platform Attribution

We designed the sound of SYFY to be recognizable even without a visual logo.

The new SYFY soundscape is the first TV network sonic brand developed to function seamlessly across a range of new touchpoints beyond linear television. We created mnemonic variations, branded sounds, and original music that can be experienced across the brand’s VOD and OTT platforms, original programming, films, social video, podcasts, apps, and connected home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

SYFY Audio Toolbox
SYFY Branded Sounds
SYFY Music Selections

Toolbox and Style Guide

We created an audio toolbox with 25 brand sounds plus a kit of 250 SFX for creating promos, trailers, and digital video content for SYFY WIRE.

We also supervised genre-specific playlists –– collecting 375 selections from the NBCUniversal music library –– and curated 120 tracks to inspire on-brand music licensing from current and classic artists. A detailed style guide aids usage and cohesion for all elements of the new sonic brand identity.


Brand Strategy –– Sonic Branding –– Audio Logo –– Original Music –– Sound Design –– Brand Guidelines –– Toolkits

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