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NBCU 2018 Upfront Anthem


Develop anthem ads, digital billboards, and larger-than-life moments for NBCU’s 2018 season that entice media buyers and showcase how the media company continues to redefine the industry.


Leverage the brand’s star power and unrivaled audience reach to demonstrate the precision, value, and innovative strategies behind NBCU’s advanced advertising initiatives year to year.


Two refreshingly simple, future-oriented collaborations speak to how NBCU aims to transform the way broadcasters, advertisers, and entertainers interact with audiences around the world.

NBCU Upfront 2018

2018 Anthem Campaign 2
2018 Anthem Campaign 3
2018 Anthem Campaign 4

2018 Anthem Campaign

We directed 11 Anthem spots showcasing NBCU’s top talent, shooting spots across two cities and multiple locations.

We also directed several live action consumer scenes to demonstrate how the brand reaches into the daily lives of its audience, using light as a metaphor linking consumers to the media company’s real-world aspirations.

Anthems range in size and scope from industry-specific spots and tailored social content, to a Spanish-language version that can be deployed and utilized across all of NBCU’s targeted ad initiatives.

Digital Billboards

We also produced a variety of moving, digital billboards for display in NBCU’s global properties and brand ecosystem.

Each mini-spot focuses on a different talent, then pivots to an end consumer payoff. Anthem messaging focuses on how NBCUniversal helps move the industry from connotations of “clutter to clarity,” “likes to love,” and “engagement to influence.” The billboards were displayed on every NBC headquarters, as well as on buses, billboards, elevator screens and ad agencies across the country.

Upfront Event 1
Upfront Event 2

Upfront Event

With the campaign in-market, we created even more content for the big event day.

NBCU kicked off their upfront campaign with an event at Radio City that brought together the company’s entire portfolio in a star-studded entertainment experience. The look and feel we created in the anthem spot was continued as a narrative thread throughout the entire live presentation, with frames and beams of light linking all of NBCU’s networks together with a consistent, aspirational identity.

Behind The Scenes 2

Behind The Scenes

To establish a flexible and ownable look for the campaign, we used a combination of in-camera and CGI effects.

In-house fabrication, pre-vis, motion-tracking, compositing, editing, and animation allowed us to maintain a distinct creative vision throughout the production process. Our sonic partners at YouTooCanWoo developed original music for each of the spots, bringing a more energetic feel to NBCU’s campaign. The end result is a tight audio, visual, and messaging system that can be easily utilized and deployed across all platforms.

NBCU Upfront 2017

2017 Anthem Campaign 2
2017 Anthem Campaign 3
2017 Anthem Campaign 4
2017 Anthem Campaign 5

2017 Anthem Campaign

Previously, we partnered with NBCU to showcase their vast media reach in a campaign to feature five key verticals.

Unique copy-driven “equations” informed by star talent and hit shows added up to a huge opportunity for buyers who wanted to capitalize on NBCU’s “Unequaled” media presence. By the end of 2017, the campaign ended up generating over 8.5 million digital impressions in addition to the network’s massive broadcast reach.

2017 Sports Moment 2
2017 Sports Moment 3
2017 Sports Moment 5

2017 Sports Moment

At the Upfront event, we produced a video and stage show to feature NBCU’s biggest year in sports programming ever.

NBCU kicked off their upfront week at Radio City with a showcase of their 2017-2018 portfolio. We helped close out the event with a riveting 5-minute, multiscreen experience spotlighting NBCU’s exclusive broadcast rights the biggest sporting events of 2018; including the FIFA World Cup, Super Bowl LII, and the Winter Olympics. Driven by the core concept that breathing unites us, the spot explores the full range of heightened emotions moving athletes and impassioned fans around the world.


Brand Strategy –– Graphic Design –– Print Design –– Experiential Design –– Live Action –– Copywriting –– Animation –– CGI –– VFX –– Editing –– Music Supervision –– Original Music –– Sound Design –– Post-Production –– Toolkits

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