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Amplify Wipro’s new identity with a B2B brand campaign that establishes an elevated, human-centric brand story for the global tech consultancy.


Activate Wipro’s positioning with a thought-provoking and emotional campaign platform that engages ambitious business leaders.


A global B2B awareness campaign rooted in thought-provoking questions provides Wipro with new opportunities to expand consideration and rise above its competition.

Creative Context

At Wipro, everything starts with ambition.

Wipro offers tech consulting and services by trade. But their passion is helping global businesses turn bold ideas into groundbreaking achievements. Wipro came to us to elevate brand perception by reframing the complex, serious, and technical reputation of its sector and highlighting its bold commitment to human-centric values. Our partnership helped them activate their newly-established brand strategy and aspirational tagline with a creative campaign platform that positions Wipro as an inspiring business and career catalyst.

Wipro campaign airport billboard
Wipro campaign airport billboard
Wipro campaign airport billboard
Wipro airport billboard

Brand Campaign

Matching ambition with action.

To activate their new tagline, we translated “Ambitions Realized” into a campaign platform that associates Wipro with all scales of ambition—client-focused, customer-focused, culture-focused, planet-focused, and beyond.

This idea allowed us to establish a flexible messaging system that sparks possibility. Our TVC and OOH campaign adapt this language into big, thought-provoking questions—questions that Wipro asks themselves when turning ambitions into actions for their clients. The dots from Wipro’s logo move effortlessly in animation like optical bokeh and provide a layer of subtle branding for every action.

Wipro website photo woman in city

Website Design

Humans are the heart of Wipro’s business.

To introduce curiosity and wonder into Wipro’s brand touchpoints, we refreshed their landing page with new design and motion assets, supported by communication that illuminates how ambition fuels all client partnerships and internal culture at the company.

Animated elements from the hero spot bring vitality to the website’s visual foundation. Anthemic language articulates Wipro’s purpose of bringing innovative ideas and bold business goals to life. The refreshed digital experience proves that Wipro is so much more than a provider of technology solutions—they are a passionate organization of people who leverage their expertise to unlock possibilities that unite, inspire, and move us forward together.


Campaign Strategy –– Tagline –– Copywriting –– Graphic Design –– Web Design –– Print Design –– Editing –– Animation –– Post-Production –– Music Supervision

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