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With the metaverse growing rapidly, humanity is faced with a choice: Let corporations define and control Web 3.0, or dare to create an experience that improves our lives.


Unite a global community of artists, innovators, and taste-makers through ambitious shared experiences that leverage emerging technology to drive human connection.


Position Unpaired as a pioneer of transformative shared experiences—both on-chain and IRL alike—disrupting the status quo of the NFT and Web 3.0 space.

Unpaired brand strategy

Brand Strategy

Creating harmony between humanity and technology.

In a landscape dominated by mega-corporations presenting visions of a tech-subsumed future, Unpaired dares to dream of a world where digital innovation brings us closer together—not even more isolated in our own avatars.

Unpaired is a cultural movement embracing all the possibilities of emerging technologies and harnessing that energy to improve our lives—digitally, physically, tangibly, and powerfully. Bigger than a single brand, this is a new medium for social connection and creative expression—one that prioritizes how people can embrace technology to inspire IRL experiences and socialization. Because human connection powers cultural innovation.

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Unpaired design strategy
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Visual Identity

Unpaired is a confident, uncluttered, uncommonly human cultural multi-verse.

The brand’s sleek, stylish aesthetic is intentionally understated and grounded in four core qualities: confidence, allure, vision, and openness. Unpaired is a creative collective devoted to excellence. It’s enticing and attractive—always striving to draw people in. It’s considered, sophisticated, and intelligent. And the brand welcomes dreamers, disruptors, and doers of all kinds.

In an effort to create harmony between technology and humanity, Unpaired’s identity juxtaposes clean typography with expressive, perfectly imperfect gestural elements that always remind us of the personal creative touch. And the focused color palette ensures attention is on the artists and audiences.

Unpaired NFT Paris event

Brand Film

What if the connections we share became the currency we treasure?

To bring Unpaired’s vision to life for audiences around the world, we wrote and produced a brand film that unpacks this key question. While many companies in the Web 3.0 space vie for attention by promising exclusive collectibles or items, what if true wealth could be measured by the people we meet and the experiences we share together?

Exploring central themes of human connection, creative expression, and harmony with technology, we crafted a visually expressive, elegant, often surprising animated film that articulates Unpaired’s purpose. The result is an evocative call to action that invites audiences to explore what the metaverse can truly offer, and how it can ultimately improve our lives.

Unpaired installation mockup


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