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22.01.04 + News

Fast Company: The Metaverse is a Second Chance to Right the Wrongs of Social Media.

Our Creative Director, Fran Roberts, chats with Fast Company about how brands can play an active role in getting ahead of social media giants and take charge of their Metaverse experiences to create more engaging and deeper connections with audiences.

"Facebook, now Meta, recently announced plans to lay the foundation for a grand new digital world. These intentions have been met with skepticism, especially in the wake of former Facebook employee-turned-whistleblower Francis Haugen’s revelations—the latest in a growing list of controversies. Consider the litany of ongoing issues with social media—the highlights include, but certainly are not limited to, questionable user data privacy, slapdash UX design, and a deeply flawed notion that any engagement is good.

Do we really want these platforms designing an even bigger, more complicated house, when the first one seems well on its way to burning to the ground?"

For more on how brands can dip their toes into these nascent worlds, and get the Metaverse right, check out the full article here.

"The metaverse is in turmoil, and it hasn’t even been built yet."

–Fran Roberts, Creative Director

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