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20.07.15 + Inspiration

Creative Reference: Physical Media

For this month’s staff post, designer Steven Wimberley explores the world of tactile creativity, from fine art and photography to physical in-camera effects.

Over the past three decades, digital technology has offered up designers some of the most valuable and expansive sets of tools for making creative work. Today, we live in an age where the bounds of creativity are virtually infinite. So it can be easy to forget that there is another incredible set of tools available for designers to hone their craft — physical media.

When compared to digital, physical media can at times feel limiting. But at the same time, you would be hard-pressed to find a designer whose work isn’t in some way influenced by analog technologies of the past. Letterpress, photography, and illustration have long been the muses of digital designers. Fine arts and film are also disciplines used heavily in the world of modern design, from digital treatments to animated typography.

Here at Trollbäck, often the most creative ideas at our company come from working within and overcoming the confines of physical limitations. Besides that, sometimes it's just refreshing for us as designers to put aside the mouse and keyboard, roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Below, we’ve gathered a few examples of amazing and inspiring work created with physical media. Enjoy.

Above is a collection of creative by artists Nicola Yeoman, Debbie Smith, Rogier van der Zwaag, Dan Tobin Smith, Jerome Corgier, and studios Maricor/Maricar, Grand Army, &Walsh.

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