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Star Wars x Porsche

Star Wars x Porsche Parallels I


Create three films for an ongoing campaign celebrating the collaboration between Star Wars and Porsche to unite the legacies of the two brands.


Weave historic, visual, and ideological parallels with seamless editing, CGI, and VFX to tell a thrilling, dynamic, and compelling story that links the brands through their design.


Our videos helped the campaign reach a combined 12 million views on YouTube, as well as over 20k landing page visits to a branded content hub at WIRED.

Star Wars x Porsche Doug Chiang Michael Mauer
Porsche x Star Wars Sketch

Parallels I

Uniting histories of groundbreaking design, innovation, and storytelling.

In the months leading up to the debut of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Disney’s marketing team asked us to create two films for a groundbreaking brand campaign celebrating the launch of a multi-year design collaboration between Star Wars and Porsche.

After being granted access to each brand’s full historical archives, we were immediately struck by how in sync their independent design processes and histories are—from drafting methods to aspirations. Drawing from our own expertise in design and visual storytelling, we crafted a short documentary that celebrated the visionary teams behind both brands’ vehicle designs.

Porsche x Star Wars split screen

VFX Integration

Bringing parallel legacies to life through masterful CGI and VFX.

While archival footage provided us with fantastic inspiration, we also needed scenes that would visually unify these two legacy brands in a more literal way. Immersed in the distinctive universes of both brands, we constructed scenes that seamlessly wove the design stories of Star Wars and Porsche together — utilizing precise match cuts to blur the distinctions between the two worlds. We also experimented with hyper-realistic CG renderings to create evocative optical illusions that unify the narrative and further highlight the iconic parallels between the two brands.

Porsche x Star Wars Red Car
Porsche x Star Wars Parallels II Drawing
Porsche x Star Wars Parallels II Car

Parallels II

Our action-packed, social media-geared second video propels this collaboration even further toward the future.

While the first video we created for Star Wars and Porsche takes us through the past parallels of their iconic partnership, our high-octane second video is all about generating hype and excitement for what’s to come, starting with a new Porsche-designed spaceship that will be revealed in the next Star Wars film.

This riveting, visually-driven 60-second teaser trailer creates a dynamic aura of intrigue, curiosity, and momentum around this iconic collaboration, leaving audiences wanting to discover more.

Porsche x Star Wars Parallels III red taillight
Porsche x Star Wars Parallels III Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Parallels III

Three years later, we created a third spot to highlight the first ship design featured in the Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The new piece captures all of the intrigue and excitement of our first films, weaving together new footage from Obi-Wan and Porsche’s creative collaboration with the Star Wars design team. In addition to the edit and music supervision, we created fully original CGI shots of the Tri-Wing S-91X Pegasus Starfighter and were allowed more freedom to build dynamic transitions that parallel the design methodology and shared aesthetics between the two brands.


Graphic Design –– Animation –– CGI –– VFX –– Editing –– Sound Design –– Post-Production

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