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Create a suite of quick-start animations for two free, ad-supported OTT channels aimed at a new generation of online streaming.


Convey the simple, boundless creativity of digital content with two dynamic, yet super-minimal show packages that provide just enough pre-branding to get the startup on-air.


Two sets of logo animations, interstitials, and motion toolkits launched Playworks and sub-brand Tankee across 200M connected devices in summer 2020.


PLAYWORKS Commercial Break
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Creative Context

Introducing a new kind of TV network, built for the streaming generation.

Playworks is a brand obsessed with fandom, from fast cars to awesome games and everything else we geek out on in everyday life. Our role was to create a quick, eye-catching motion identity for the start-up to help launch two of its curated content AVOD OTT services into a bold new era of hybrid TV—using vibrant colors and improvisational animation techniques to create a vibe that would attract viewers and influencers on both sides of the Gen Z/Millennial spectrum.

Masterbrand Animation

From one simple red square, we created an entire brand look and feel.

Building upon the existing logo, Playworks’ new motion identity explores every dimension of an always-moving building block, creating a sense of endless creativity and possibility across the channel. IDs and logo animations take on an abstract op-art aesthetic to make interstitial messages more visually engaging. The result is an ever-evolving toolkit that gave the brand everything it needed to launch without the bulk (or price point) of a traditional linear TV brand package.


Tankee TV 1.0

A second suite of animations introduces an epic world of kid-friendly gaming.

We also created a suite of motion assets for Tankee, Playworks’ kid-sister AVOD channel that’s jam-packed with gaming streams for a younger demographic. Our motion toolkit creatively utilizes After Effects’ 3D capabilities to allow maximum flexibility for quickly creating elements on the fly. The new interstitials serve a valuable branding function and help break up ad slots — giving Tankee tons of room to play as it continues to grow.


Graphic Design –– Animation –– Animation Toolkits

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