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Sesame Workshop


Build a flexible and vibrant brand expression system that brings awareness to Sesame Workshop’s global mission and unites an ecosystem spanning 150 countries.


Translate emotive brand principles to create distinctive elements that amplify the organization’s visionary commitment to putting children on a positive path.


A bold, experimental, and optimistic expression that cements Sesame Workshop’s global influence on children’s education.

Logo History

Logo Design

Setting children on a positive path.

Our first step was to redesign the Sesame Workshop logo to celebrate Sesame Street’s iconic legacy while allowing the non-profit organization plenty of room to stand out and grow.

Building on visual cues from the iconic Sesame Street brand we created a more modern, functional identity system that reflects the organization’s broader, real-world focus of helping kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.

Brand Expression 1
Brand Expression 2
Brand Expression 3
Brand Expression 5
Brand Expression 6

Brand Expression

From our street to your street.

Community, collaboration, and organic bonds inspire our motion language—unifying a global network of partnerships within a single system. Through repetition of the Sesame Workshop logo, we create a unique ecosystem of streets and intersections that expand the brand’s visual vernacular.

In all animation, the lines extend from opposite sides of the screen and overlap to signal cross-collaboration. Vibrant colorways represent the non-profit’s bold, visionary approach to education and philanthropy.

Global Partnerships 2
Global Partnerships 3
Global Partnerships 4
Global Partnerships 6

Global Partnerships

Illuminating new avenues.

Sesame Workshop is an internationally-recognized creative force that builds new streets, avenues, and intersections at the forefront of education by partnering with organizations, companies, and individuals who share their values.

We created a modern look and feel that works seamlessly alongside all of the brands that Sesame Workshop touches around the world.

Social + OOH 1
Social + OOH 2
Social + OOH 4

Social + OOH

Connecting our worlds.

Sesame Workshop meets families, caregivers, and educators wherever they are with the resources they need. A strong presence in neighborhoods and across platforms is vital to the continued growth and success of the organization.

Our cross-platform toolkits uphold clarity to reinforce instant brand attribution while being flexible enough to cover a diverse range of tones, content, and applications.


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