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Sesame Workshop


Develop a new logo for Sesame Workshop that reinforces the nonprofit’s educational mission and cultural impact on children’s lives around the world.


Build on visual cues from the iconic Sesame Street brand, evolving them to introduce a more functional identity system that reflects the organization’s broader, real-world focus.


A refreshed visual identity helps Sesame Workshop communicate its legacy and purpose for a new generation, with improved cross-platform flexibility.

Sesame Workshop logos stack

Logo Design

A graphic, modular, updated homage to the iconic Sesame Street sign.

Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organization that brought the world Sesame Street. Our goal was to create a logo that celebrated that iconic legacy while allowing the organization plenty of room to stand out and grow.

The adaptable, two-part frame we designed has a modern, digital-friendly feel while still remaining highly recognizable—the perfect container for housing the brand’s mission to help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.

OOH Autism Poster
iPhone Mockup
Collateral 1
Sesame Puppets with Obama
Collateral 2
UI Mockup

Identity System

Celebrating moments of interaction between children and Sesame Workshop.

When used in context, elements of the sign can be used to zoom in on special, kid-focused connections, or break out to show how Sesame Workshop is pushing toward the future.

The logo can be stacked or horizontal, depending on the use case. We also created a logo animation that helped show Sesame Workshop how to use its new brand identity in motion.


Visual Identity –– Logo Design –– Graphic Design

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