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The New York Times

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Promote multiple New York Times brand initiatives to attract new subscribers and reflect the organization’s growing reach.


Build recognition and attribution for the publisher’s many sub-brands and offerings while reinforcing an unparalleled commitment to integrity.


Multiple campaigns highlight the accessibility of award-winning content, helping The New York Times grow to its largest subscriber base in the history of the publication.

Climate Hub

The New York Times Climate Hub photo credit Craig Gibson

Motion Identity

Translating a colorful logotype into motion with meaning.

Our sister agency, The New Division, created the brand framework and visual identity system for The New York Times Climate Hub, while our animators in New York City worked to animate the logo. Created to coincide with COP26 in Glasgow, the event brought influential leaders and thinkers together with the wider community to debate, discuss and discover climate change strategies. Our motion identity was utilized on the Climate Hub website, multi-channel marketing, and across the 9-day conference.

Digital Redesign Film

The New York Times website grid layout

Design Film

Introducing the redesigned website and app for a new digital-first era.

For the 2014 redesign of The New York Times, we were asked to create a video that would unveil the site’s streamlined features at CES. The challenge was to balance the needs of a product demo with reinforcing the brand’s vision for digital accessibility. To showcase the design process, improved user experience, and more intuitive interface we emphasized ease and functionality in every moment of animation. Illustrating the schematics behind each layout allowed us to reinforce the simplicity of the design and create a harmonious connection between each new feature.

Times Premier

Launch Film

Offering increased access to the best journalism and beyond.

As part of The New York Times subscriber growth strategy, we helped them launch Times Premier as a premium subscription. Premier was designed for The Times enthusiast and included tailored content experiences with exclusive access to Times Insider, a new feature that provided a behind-the-scenes look at how The Times newsroom creates the world’s most compelling and comprehensive journalism. We directed and shot the film in and around The New York Times’ headquarters, offering a glimpse into the inner workings of the paper and its more exclusive events.

NYT Opinion

The New York Times NYT Opinion presidents

Product Film

Launching a dedicated app for the Opinion section of The Times.

The Opinion section of the New York Times features columnists, editorials, and guest essays from many of the world’s foremost thought leaders. We were asked to produce a launch film for the standalone app that underscores the influence, impact, and value of the Opinion section. To tell this story, we created an animation style inspired by the app’s user interface design to seamlessly slide through headlines and imagery. Our visual strategy allowed us to connect a vast array of topics while focusing attention on clarity over complexity.


Graphic Design –– Animation –– Live Action –– Copywriting –– Editing –– Post-Production

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