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Move the creative community to take action, close the access and opportunity gap, and build a more inclusive future in entertainment, advertising, film, and design.


Transform individual feelings of isolation, crisis and outrage into collective opportunities for unity, creativity, and lasting impact.


A digitally-connected and ever-evolving mentorship program fostering BIPOC talent that’s made up of a cross-disciplinary community of directors, designers, brands, educators, creators, and artists.

movtogether planning zoom call
movtogether planning zoom call

Creative Context

What is our responsibility as an industry to be on the right side of history during these trying and unprecedented times that are revolutionizing culture?

Pre-pandemic. Pre-George Floyd. With mounting pressure for DE&I initiatives, the industry was only beginning to take small steps in the right direction. Instead of empty CTAs and hiring C-Suite DE&I heads for optics, we wanted to take action at the ground level—by proactively empowering young and underrepresented creatives with mentorship, connection, networking resources, and possible job prospects. Then the pandemic hit. Then the murder of George Floyd.

With the pivotal and crucial resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement upon Floyd’s death, and job security at an all-time low for new graduates amidst the pandemic, it was our time, more than ever, to take real action. That’s when .movtogether went from an idea to a pilot program that was quickly coming to life.

Manifesto Film

How do we communicate our purpose to the industry and inspire more companies to join the cause?

.movtogether is a non-profit created by a coalition of some of the world’s leading agencies, companies & design studios, looking to give back & move things forward in times of crisis. Today, we’re a cross-disciplinary community of directors, designers, brands, educators, creators, and artists determined to pass this industry on to a new generation.

Our team at Trollbäck took the lead in creating a visual identity system, dedicated website, and manifesto that communicates the power of our collective creative forces and amplifies our call to others in the industry to join us.

Mentorship Program

How did we develop a program during a worldwide crisis that maximizes impact?

Companies who joined our coalition run the entire industry gamut—from television networks, advertising agencies, branding studios, streamers, and everything in between. To find the most eligible and promising students, .movtogether partnered with Pipelines—a mobile app that connects underrepresented talent to career and training opportunities in tech, entertainment, and creative industries.

In addition to providing creative resources, creative leads from Trollbäck and other leading brands and agencies from internship placement, to portfolio-building, creative counseling, networking, and beyond, mentorship at .movtogether does not follow a set formula. Rather, mentors champion each student’s unique offering by getting to know their ambitions, where they’re at in life, what their goals are, and most importantly, where their passions lie.

movtogether graduation ceremony party
movtogether graduation ceremony party
movtogether graduation ceremony party Elliott Chaffer Executive Creative Director Trollback and Company
movtogether t-shirt
movtogether graduation ceremony party
movtogether letterpress award

Creating Results

How did we keep our students engaged and inspired in a time of uncertainty?

In our first year, we hosted informative panels with top industry creative leaders from sonic branding studio Syn Music, art studio State, branding and design agency Hiro, and animation studio BUCK, and well as a conversation with legendary Disney animator, Floyd Norman. .movtogether events offered the program’s talent resources and inspiration to push their creative careers forward.

In addition to mentorship sessions, the .movtogether coalition offered free, online, cross-disciplinary workshops covering essential skills, ideas, and outlooks in film, media, animation, design, and writing. The first year program concluded with a celebratory wrap event and project showcase giving mentees the opportunity to network with industry professionals in person.


Brand Strategy –– Brand Architecture –– Campaign Strategy –– Visual Identity –– Naming –– Copywriting –– Training Workshops –– Live Seminar –– Graphic Design –– Print Design –– Web Design –– Iconography –– Illustration –– Animation –– Production –– Brand Guidelines –– Toolkits

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