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Evolve ET Live from a source of celebrity news and gossip into an always-on streaming platform offering an expanded range of entertainment content.


Develop a dynamic and energetic brand identity that elevates the platform’s reputation with pop culture enthusiasts and beyond.


Introduce a new platform mixing and moving at the speed of culture. A bold design—one that can be paired with anything—furthers this dynamism.


Mixible: a vibrant new home for even more pop culture.

Mixible evolves ET Live’s signature coverage—celebrity and entertainment news—to a new, memorable, and genre-inclusive platform, offering a blend of content that spans pop culture. Bouncing between entertainment, music, movies, awards shows, and live events, Mixible’s new name declares that we are always shifting, mixing, and moving at the speed of pop culture.

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Delightful, enthusiastic, playful—Mixible moves fast.

Mixible’s logo features clean, simple typography with a twist: the second “i” inverts into an exclamation point, eliciting surprise and delight, and infusing the name’s dynamic nature into the design.

These symmetrical dots inspire how the larger design system comes to life. Multi-layered black and white op-art graphics slice, dice, remix, and repeat this circular motif. The result is a vibrant, eclectic, and expressive system that’s always moving—and always Mixible.

Partner Branding

Working in tandem with other brands.

Mixible’s black-and-white master brand gives it the flexibility to effortlessly pair with Paramount’s unique portfolio of network, studio, and streaming brands.

Our design system lifts a key color and logo from these partners, making the connection a seamless co-branding effort. Partner brand colors and logos become energizing accents, transforming into a dynamic expression of visual identity while driving attribution.


Brand Strategy –– Naming –– Visual Identity –– Logo Design –– Graphic Design –– Animation –– Animation Toolkits –– Brand Guidelines

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