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Marriott Bonvoy


Develop the motion identity for Marriott Bonvoy, the rewards program from the world’s largest hotel brand, post-acquisition of Starwood Hotels.


An elegant and informative design system delivers the rich benefits of Bonvoy on all platforms, uniting 6,900 hotels in 130 countries.


Launch the new brand and in-room TV channel with a suite of multi-platform assets, followed by annual evolutionary design updates to Bonvoy TV.

Motion Identity

We defined—then evolved—the motion identity that invites travelers to experience the breathtaking world of Bonvoy rewards.

Collaborating with Marriott’s content and marketing teams, we began with a comprehensive redesign of the company’s global in-room TV channel that replaced both Starwood and Marriott channels with a single unified system. As one of the brand’s leading communication platforms, the new channel allows deeper immersion into all of the experiences and unique opportunities that Bonvoy makes available to its members.

As the brand evolved, so too did our motion theory and design language. Continuing our collaboration into a multi-year partnership, we have continually expanded and updated the system to adapt.

Marriott Bonvoy lower third Mercedes Salazar Jewelry & Fashion Designer
Marriott Bonvoy means good travel

Bonvoy TV

We worked to bring Marriott Bonvoy to life with a brand story that’s bigger than the sum of its parts.

Taking cues from the premium quality of Marriott’s existing video content, we developed a seamless system to link each piece with a bigger message that highlights the benefits of Marriott Bonvoy — folding the details of the program into a celebration of the amazing locations, perspectives, and once-in-a-lifetime connections that Bonvoy’s vision of “good travel” delivers.

With annual updates, our creative team led end-to-end assembly of the channel content, from design, copywriting, editing, animation, and audio for all interstitial and navigational elements, to setting the sequence for the programming content lineup.

Marriott Westin Langwaki Resort Malaysia

Global Tools

We created international versions, motion toolkits, and co-branded campaigns that help sustain Bonvoy around the world.

We delivered translated language versions of the channel for properties in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, with bespoke adaptations for the brand’s luxury properties.

To prepare for the brand launch announcement, we produced a PR video that introduces the program benefits and hotel properties to a new generation of travelers seeking the ultimate global travel loyalty program. Since then, we have also produced a number of co-branded partner ads and content pieces for Bonvoy.


Design Strategy –– Graphic Design –– Animation –– Copywriting –– Production –– Editing –– Music Supervision –– Post-Production –– Motion Guidelines –– Toolkits

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