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Partner with teams at Lionsgate to develop and launch three standout FAST channels that curate the best of the studio’s output into intuitive genre collections.


Elevate each channel with a unique, highly legible identity that draws viewers into a clearly defined sphere, backed by the promise of the Lionsgate brand.


Bold, impactful channel brand experiences that stand out in a rapidly expanding list of FAST options by immersing viewers in curated streams of their favorite content.

MovieSphere by Lionsgate business card
MovieSphere by Lionsgate lower third Next The Hunger Games
MovieSphere by Lionsgate pattern background
MovieSphere by Lionsgate subway ad
MovieSphere by Lionsgate tote bag
MovieSphere by Lionsgate pattern background


MovieSphere brings together iconic movies from Lionsgate’s acclaimed studio library, all streaming for free.

MovieSphere was launched as Lionsgate’s first foray into FAST. With a growing audience—fans of big blockbusters and beloved classic movies—the channel now has a fresh brand that rises to the level of its entertainment offering.

The identity centers around a new logo with a built-in play button, clearly signaling that all you need to do is press “play.” Multi-layered animations of circular shapes expand the motif, subtly tying back to camera lenses and cinematography. Dark backgrounds and lush gradient graphics set the stage for premium cinematic content, allowing viewers to immerse themselves fully.

OuterSphere by Lionsgate business card
OuterSphere by Lionsgate lower third Now Warm Bodies
OuterSphere by Lionsgate sweater
OuterSphere by Lionsgate poster Source Code
OuterSphere by Lionsgate Instagram post


Journey into unknown worlds on OuterSphere, the FAST destination for sci-fi and horror.

After redesigning MovieSphere, we worked with Lionsgate to name and launch two new FAST channels, OuterSphere and HerSphere.

OuterSphere's focus on sci-fi and vintage horror inspired a futuristic graphic system, reminiscent of movies like The Matrix, Tron, and Minority Report. Detailed, high-tech UI elements place viewers in the captain’s chair of a spacecraft exploring far-off worlds. A constant stream of information is displayed onscreen: status readouts, topography scans, crosshairs, grids, and file paths—in a glowing, alien green color palette.

The logo draws on the same fertile visual territory. Squared off, angular type is joined by a signature dash that evokes a loading bar, telegraphing the genre.

HerSphere by Lionsgate business cards
HerSphere by Lionsgate lower third Grace and Frankie
HerSphere by Lionsgate TV
HerSphere by Lionsgate tote bag
HerSphere by Lionsgate bus shelter ad La La Land


HerSphere is feminine and fun, with just the right amount of rebellious.

With a genre-spanning offering—edgy comedy, heartfelt rom-com, and tense crime/drama—HerSphere is entertainment by and for women who lead the way, defining their own stories.

Visually inspired by thrift store fashion and zines, playing with contrasts is in HerSphere's nature.

Our process began with designing a logo that pairs an over-the-top, proudly feminine script with a sharp sans serif. Typography nods to DIY zine culture—we paired magazine headline and typewriter fonts, and attached them with tape. Bold purple and green patterns lend attitude to the graphic language, especially in motion. The result is a fearless and fun design system that drips confidence.


Brand Strategy –– Naming –– Visual Identity –– Logo Design –– Graphic Design –– Animation –– Toolkits –– Brand Guidelines

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