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19.10.29 + News

Vanity Fair: John Heilmann’s New Venture is Betting People Want More Political Video on Their Phone

Earlier this fall, we teased a new media project we’ve been working on – The Recount – a first-of-its-kind video venture promising bite-size “remixes” of the day’s biggest political stories. Today, they officially launched, and you should really check it out.

"People do a good job summarizing in text what’s [currently] happening in politics," Heilmann recently told entertainment reporter Joe Pompeo of Vanity Fair, in the first major piece of news coverage about the platform. "But there’s not really an answer to that question [with video]. At some point in the not-too-distant future, someone was going to build the thing that was to this age, for politics, what ESPN was to sports in the age of cable."

In case you missed our Recount-related updates on social media, Trollbäck helped create the strategy, design, and animation framework for the hypey, fast-paced political media brand. To see more our work on the project, click here.

To check out the full profile on Vanity Fair, click here.

And finally, to watch The Recount all of its glory, click here.

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