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Relaunch Tinybeans with an expanded proposition—from an app for sharing memories and milestones to a trusted resource for everyone raising families.


Differentiate Tinybeans as a brand that supports all caregivers through the entire lifecycle of modern parenthood.


A contemporary, flexible, inclusive brand identity that empowers Tinybeans to create a welcoming, community-driven platform for enriching family life.

Tinybeans social header
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Tinybeans social header

Creative Context

Empowering Tinybeans to grow with the families it nurtures.

Known as a trusted app for storing and sharing baby milestones, Tinybeans came to us at a major inflection point in their evolution and with big ambitions to scale. How can the brand evolve from a photo-sharing app to a go-to platform for people on the most challenging and rewarding journey we can embark on as human beings?

As Tinybeans worked to relaunch their website and app with a richer, more personalized user experience, we partnered with them to bring their vision for the future to life. Our collaboration blossomed into a brand identity refresh that empowers Tinybeans to unite and uplift everyone on the journey of parenthood—and help them raise good humans.

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Brand Strategy

Opening the aperture to embrace the full lifecycle of modern parenthood.

By building a brand that embraces families of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life, Tinybeans can serve more people, welcome more users, and establish a foundation for lasting success. While articulating their brand positioning, pillars, and purpose, we unlocked a huge opportunity for Tinybeans to connect to modern parenthood—to multifaceted, diverse, unconventional families. The new brand identity can grow flexibly as children grow and serves to unite a feature-rich app, curated content, and an inclusive community of parents, children, loved ones, friends, and even pets.

Tinybeans poster
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Brand Voice

Building a voice that unites people through parenthood’s delightful quirks and complexities.

With the acquisition of Red Tricycle, a trusted information source for parents, the strategic process of redefining the Tinybeans voice was crucial to the brand’s next phase of growth. Building from our newly articulated brand strategy, we helped Tinybeans establish a brand voice that is authentic, relatable, and reassuring—everything that parents need on the wild ride of parenthood.

We implemented new guidelines into tactical tools through external messaging and transitional language that help users navigate the product and platform updates introduced with Tinybeans’ business expansion. Now, Tinybeans offers inspiration, information, and peace of mind for its fast-growing user base of parents around the world.

Tinybeans baby t-shirt
Tinybeans brand book color palette

Visual Identity

A visual refresh that is clear and functional, but also warm and accessible speaks to parents' wants and needs.

In refreshing Tinybeans’s visual identity, we unified the brand’s existing visual language into a consistent design system that embodies the delightful complexity of parenthood. We refreshed the logo and color palette to unite Tinybeans and Red Tricycle into a single visual identity. Vibrant colors are paired with clean typography, compositions offer users clarity and assurance, and graphic elements provide form and function. The result is a unified system of guidelines and visual elements that is approachable and flexible enough to activate the new Tinybeans brand across all communication channels.


Brand Strategy –– Brand Architecture –– Visual Identity –– Graphic Design –– Copywriting –– Brand Guidelines –– Toolkits

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