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People TV


Create a 360 launch campaign promoting Time Inc.’s rebranded OTT, featuring exclusive content from People and Entertainment Weekly.


Extend the brand’s editorial voice across all media, using flexible design and language systems to showcase their range of content offerings.


Targeted ads for on-air, digital, social, and print direct audiences to the OTT service, currently with over 100M views and 2 million app downloads.

People TV Wanna Know It All
People TV We Know You Do

Campaign Strategy

Our strategy focused on giving people more of what they really want from a publication they already love.

Originally launched as People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN), Time Inc. rebranded their streaming service to strengthen brand recognition and attract new viewers. We conducted a brand audit to determine where People TV viewed itself in relation to other entertainment news outlets, and worked with their branding and marketing teams to identify top performing content. The results informed our approach to communicating the brand’s core values: knowledge, trust, and accessibility.

People TV Asterisk
People TV Up Close
People TV Banner Reunions
People TV Magazine Ad

Design System

A clear and flexible system connects key messaging with content through the playful use of the “know it all” asterisk.

The design system showcases exclusive content across all media, flexing to carry both evergreen and tailored ad messaging, such as red carpet interviews, royal families, and cast reunions. Playing on all the ways viewers, “Get to know” with People TV, we used asterisks to create a fun framework for copy and leveraged it into a “star-powered” graphic device that frames content on-air, online, and in print.

Social + Digital

Our campaign approach favored small-screen media formats for maximum audience engagement.

Our design strategy enabled a consistent style and tone of voice that allowed the campaign to roll-out easily across platforms. Each ad was formatted to maximize legibility on all screens. These included static and digital banner ads, as well as videos for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Halo.


Campaign Strategy –– Graphic Design –– Print Design –– Animation –– Post-Production

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