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Establish Williams Sonoma’s first new brand in over 10 years, differentiated by a mission to source and curate heirloom-quality products that benefit people and the planet alike.


Bring GreenRow’s core values of quality and longevity to refreshing new life with a logo design that evokes craft, durability, attention to detail, and sustainable style.


Design and launch a timeless D2C home decor brand rooted in eco-conscious practices where every purchase supports Williams Sonoma’s social and environmental initiatives.

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Creative Context

Sustainably sourced. Designed to last.

To launch a new direct-to-consumer home goods brand—its first original portfolio offering in more than a decade—Williams Sonoma spent years meticulously sourcing and building relationships with craftspeople around the world. Every product from GreenRow utilizes sustainable materials and manufacturing practices to create colorful, vintage-inspired, eco-conscious products.

Our objective: Design a logo for the brand that leverages this white space, takes inspiration from the aesthetic of the company’s portfolio, and embodies an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

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Logo Design

GreenRow is made for good.

In addition to innovative, sustainable manufacturing practices with low-impact materials, sales of each product support one of Williams Sonoma's social or environmental initiatives. Our design process explored numerous approaches for channeling the brand’s purpose in order to evoke a timeless aesthetic. The resulting wordmark is a balance of elegance and confidence with distinct personality imbued in each letterform.

The digital storefront utilizes the logo atop imagery of natural landscapes and handcrafted decor, while physical packaging is intentionally minimal—no sew-in labels, no single-use plastics, only recycled cardboard and tape. The branding supports GreenRow’s vision of offering modern heirlooms with thoughtful details, built from sustainable materials.

GreenRow logo


Visual Identity –– Logo Design

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