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Disney Bundle


Disney Bundle is evolving, offering more customization. To signify this flexibility, the brand needed a memorable identity designed to scale, establishing the bundle as the ultimate streaming subscription.


Develop a design system that establishes an unmissable, standalone brand, evolves the bundle from a value-based “deal” to a premium product, and celebrates the many options Disney Bundle has to offer.


An expandable identity that unites the best of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ content through color, typography, and motion; a brand big enough to be unveiled at D23 as a core, can’t-miss product from Disney.

Creative Context

Transforming a “deal” into a compelling standalone brand.

In 2020, following our branding work for Disney+, we helped launch Disney Bundle with a design and messaging system that highlighted the 3-for-1 value. Two years later, Disney added greater personalization and customization to the offering, including bundles with and without ads, and the ability to select a duo or trio option. To highlight this flexibility, we redesigned the brand as a premium entertainment subscription with an elevated, can’t-miss identity.

Disney Bundle stream big
Disney Bundle OOH advertisement multi-title
Disney Bundle unstoppable icons
Disney Bundle OOH billboard

Design System

Matching the epic scope and scale of the content itself.

To showcase the bundle’s limitless possibilities available to customers, we set out to create a visual identity rooted in flexibility and establish Disney Bundle as a brand in and of itself by bringing it to the forefront in all graphic elements. Our design system features an extended color palette that stands apart from, yet unites, each of the sub-brands. We built multi-platform static and motion toolkits to highlight the scope and scale of content available, perpetually moving through colorful spaces so that audiences can feel the epic offering of bundled shows, movies, and characters.

Disney Bundle D23 stage
Disney Bundle D23 step and repeat photo of Brie Larson
Disney Bundle D23 stage photo of Alex Honnold and Jimmy Chin
Disney Bundle D23 Expo activation wide shot

D23 Expo Experience

A brand big enough to be unveiled at Disney’s annual D23 Expo fan conference.

The new Disney Bundle logo and design was unveiled at D23 Expo, where fans got a sneak preview of the brand, upcoming originals, and exclusive content. The must-see experience (created and built by 2Heads) united the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ booths, and featured massive branded Disney Bundle wraps, panels, interactive kiosks, and merchandise across 12K square feet for 100K guests.

Disney Bundle D23 Inner wall
Disney Bundle D23 stage speaker
Disney Bundle D23 dancers
Disney Bundle D23 ESPN Plus booth
Disney Bundle D23 rear wall colors


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