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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Stadium Screen Content


Generate a bold digital billboard experience for the fashion brand –– a founding partner of Brooklyn's Barclays Center stadium.


Extend Calvin Klein’s presence beyond their branded VIP entrance and court-side club into 360 degree LED displays, allowing “street to seat” ad exposure for the brand.


Dynamic graphic lines animate across the arena's entire interior and exterior, strengthening CK’s integrated marketing alliance with Barclays Center.

Calvin Klein Oculus Graphic Detail 2
Clavin Klein Oculus Graphic Detail 4

Wrapping The Oculus

The Barclays Center features state-of-the-art “street-to-seat” ad exposure.

The stadium’s key advertising feature is the oculus: a 3,000 square foot LED marquee that welcomes visitors to the arena. For the Calvin Klein campaign, graphic lines animate horizontally across an invisible curved form that mirrors the unique architecture of the oculus and the building. The movement leads the eye across the full 360° display and is replicated indoors around the bowl.


Graphic Design –– Animation –– Post-Production

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