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Launched in 2008 as an antidote to conventional investing services, the fintech pioneer sought to invigorate its brand by unlocking the full potential of its innovative, human-centric spirit.


Articulating a sharpened purpose, “Making People’s Lives Better,” inspired us to establish voice and design systems that enable the brand to deliver an experience that’s both personal and powerful.


The new brand identity gives Betterment a more flexible and emotive set of design tools, language, and foundational elements that help them support customers along every step of their financial journey.

Brand Identity


Creative Context

In a crowded fintech landscape, how can Betterment leverage both the stability of an established leader with the inventiveness of an industry disruptor?

Betterment was established to bring investing to the masses; it was built on the belief that everyone should have access to good, fiduciary guidance—not just the wealthy—and that technology can provide that access. Today, Betterment is still striving to make things better in a world where money management remains shrouded in mystery and fintech competitors seemingly pop up overnight.

Knowing the brand’s core audience—working millennials—have been burned by false promises and unattainable ideals concerning “wealth” management, Betterment is uniquely positioned to be a transparent, clear-eyed, credible financial services partner that educates and advocates for their clients, ultimately turning practical transactions into emotional calls-to-action.

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Betterment paper airplane illustration

Brand Strategy

We began by articulating a new purpose that activates Betterment’s name and opens exciting possibilities in finance and beyond: Making people’s lives better.

Better starts with money, but it’s not only about money. It’s an unending desire to leverage financial services to improve the lives of each person Betterment serves. Making people’s lives better is about avoiding tropes of easy wealth or overnight success; it is holistic, informative, empowering access to the resources and technologies needed to thrive—today and tomorrow. Because changing the way we engage with our finances has the power to transform lives, each and every day.

This simple yet impactful purpose informs every aspect of the brand, from its internal vision to the products it delivers to the experts it champions—even in the way it prioritizes the lives and aspirations of its own employees. Making people’s lives better has become an active filter for creativity and innovation.

Betterment banking card mockup
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Betterment app icon
Betterment app

Visual Identity

We redesigned Betterment’s visual identity to illuminate and inspire in equal measure, reflecting the lived realities and big ambitions of modern clients.

At the heart of Betterment’s new identity is a reimagined logo that evokes both a sunrise and a path forward. The simplicity and flexibility of the mark allow the brand to offer a seamless experience across platforms while using its shape as an activator for content, framing moments, people, products, and experiences.

A warmer, richer color palette kindles optimism. The overall experience represents all the promise and potential of a brand new day—refreshing, vibrant, and full of possibility.

This feeling continues through voice, motion, typography, and photography, where people are always prioritized and personality is balanced with precision and clarity.

Betterment referral bonus illustration
Betterment night landscape illustration
Betterment icon set
Betterment phone illustration

Illustration System

We developed a custom illustration style to eschew conventional tropes of financial iconography and reflect the unique goals of Betterment’s diverse base.

A wide range of illustrative assets was created in collaboration
with Betterment’s internal design team, and are designed to be used across touchpoints to emphasize the brand’s approachable-but-aspirational positioning.

The illustrations are colorful and expressive, built from simple geometric shapes, and fun without being juvenile—just like Betterment itself. To ensure the cohesive activation of these elements across the spectrum of Betterment touchpoints, we created robust guidelines and animation toolkits for all illustration styles, setting the brand up for years of singular expression.

Legal disclaimer: Some imagery is hypothetical. Investing involves risk. Performance not guaranteed.

Tax Season Campaign

Betterment Be Invested
Betterment Climate Impact Portfolio mobile

Creative Context

We reintroduced the brand in advance of tax season with a targeted campaign showing how easy it is to “Be Invested.”

Knowing that everyone has different life goals, Betterment offers investors easy options to be invested in the things they care about. Our first spot focuses on Betterment’s Socially Responsible Investing portfolio which delivers on the brand’s commitment to making a positive impact for people and for the world. The second spot shows how easy it is to set savings goals, both large and small, and be invested in making progress every day.


Brand Strategy –– Visual Identity –– Logo Design –– Graphic Design –– Iconography –– UI Design –– Illustration –– Data Visualization –– Copywriting –– Tagline –– Editing –– Animation –– Post-Production –– Motion Guidelines –– Brand Guidelines –– Toolkits

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