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Create ownable, unmissable events around world-class storytelling by leveraging an unprecedented slate of original audio series.


Lean into marquee talent and genre-centric excitement to establish Audible as a premiere destination for must-listen narratives that rival film and TV.


Develop big-picture campaigns that forefront the performers we know and love, and deploy them across digital, print, social, retail, and on-platform.

Audible Summer Campaign

Audible Summer Slate Campaign grid of frames

Creative Context

Audible is the leading creator and provider of premium audio storytelling, enriching the lives of millions of listeners every day.

With a growing roster of must-listen series anchored by some of the biggest and brightest stars in the world, Audible continues to push the boundaries of not only audio storytelling, but blockbuster entertainment in general. Summer presented an exciting opportunity to tell a larger story about the brand with an awareness and engagement campaign that highlights an amazing lineup of stories all unified by Audible’s commitment to top-notch production values and unmatched quality.

Audible Summer Slate Campaign Kerry Washington

Campaign Strategy

We worked with our collaborators at Audible to hone in on a campaign platform that highlights star power.

Rolling out new series featuring renowned actors like Jon Hamm, Kerry Washington, Kate Mara, Dominic Monaghan, and Laurence Fishburne, it quickly became a natural strategy to put star power front and center. Not only could we drive awareness to the individual series themselves, but this strategy allowed us to position Audible as the premiere destination for top-tier talent and the fans who love them.

The subsequent platform – “The Stars Are Out This Summer on Audible” – combines a bit of old Hollywood glamor with of-the-moment immediacy, reminding us that Audible is the place where big stars bring big stories to life.

Audible Summer Slate Campaign star names Hamm Mara Washington Cimino Monaghan
Audible Summer Slate Campaign Whole Foods shopping bags
Audible Summer Slate Campaign Instagram stories

Multi-platform Design

Warm summer vibes meet alluring international superstars to create fireworks across every available touchpoint.

Unlike films or series made to be watched in one place, Audible gives listeners the ability to take their stories with them – from the beach to an evening stroll to the morning commute. Reflecting on this freedom, we developed a campaign that comes to life across numerous places and spaces, developing creative expressions that embody the spirit and energy of summer in digital, social, video, on-platform, and even retail applications.

The result is a campaign that feels breezy, bold, and decidedly blockbuster, letting the stars shine bright as only Audible can.

Audible Comedy Campaign

Audible Comedy 9 style frames

Tagline + Script

Audible Sounds Funny

Audible is home to some of the funniest content on the planet. This tagline and script point directly to that, staking a claim in comedy by integrating the brand name directly into the campaign line. This makes it ideal for use on other platforms and playfully invites audiences to discover its double meaning while giving a nod to the medium itself.

Motion Language

Using iconography to personify the stories.

Motion assets with an engaging, percussive look and feel immerse viewers in the storylines and deliver front-row access to talent. Each asset is infused with behaviors that speak to the content and characteristics of each title. And a bold, poppy, editorial style rounds things out with the snappy timing of a great joke.

Audible Comedy tagline Audible Sounds Funny
Audible Comedy campaign in browser window
Audible Comedy campaign 3 Instagram posts

Design System

Planting Audible’s flag in comedy with a punchy design system.

The most laugh-out-loud comedians work with Audible, and we wanted them front and center of this campaign. Working with a series of titles and packaging, we applied a subtle film grain as part of a unifying treatment and adopted a bright, irreverent color palette to pair with confident type.

Inspired by original storylines, we developed a set of icons that activate and bookend the scripts, helping drive home the comedic power of Bob Odenkirk in a hotdog murder mystery, or Kate McKinnon’s medieval identity crisis.


Campaign Strategy –– Tagline –– Copywriting –– Graphic Design –– Illustration –– Animation –– Editing –– Music Supervision

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