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Richard Leakey Ngaren
19.11.13 + News

What’s Ethical: Ngaren and Engaging on the Global Goals with Richard Leakey

Have 15 minutes to learn about the future of humanity? Check out this podcast about the Global Goals, climate change, and an upcoming museum project we’ve been working on with famed paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey.

The podcast: Beth Haddock’s What’s Ethical, a monthly interview series where thought leaders engage on how they influence others and master ethical dilemmas.

This month’s guest was Richard Leakey, Kenyan scientist, conservationist and politician best known for his extensive fossil finds related to human evolution. Leakey is also the founder of Ngaren, an upcoming museum that will focus on climate change, evolution, and the African origins of all humankind — set to break ground in Kenya in 2024.

In the interview, Haddock and Leakey discuss Leakey’s plans for the new museum and how they relate back to advancing sustainable development goals around climate and equality. We highly recommend a listen, not only because of its ties back to the Global Goals, the environment, and the future of humanity, but also because Ngaren is one of our latest clients.

To check out the website we recently wrote, designed and developed for Ngaren, click here.

To learn more about Leakey’s vision, listen in to this month’s episode of the What’s Ethical podcast.

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