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21.02.25 + News

Print Mag: Mixteca's Rebrand By Trollbäck Shows How to Design For Nonprofits

Have an advocacy, NGO, or impact-related project coming up? This week in Print Magazine, industry reporters sat down with Design Director Nadia Husain and Executive Director of Creative Strategy Bo Bishop to talk about our latest rebrand for Mixteca – a case study in how to get culturally-appropriate, mission-driven branding done right.

"A community organization committed to helping underserved portions of the public is markedly different from a business selling widgets," writes reporter Rudy Sanchez. "Most of these organizations rely on donations, endowments, and a combination of public and private grants. While a business, even a bootstrapped start-up, will have at least one person versed in marketing and experience interfacing with a creative agency. And unlike some business clients, philanthropic entities can have difficulty communicating their own needs."

"I think the biggest difference between a [business brand and nonprofit], for me, was this was a lot about guidance and collaboration,” Nadia Husain, said. "Everyone who we worked with at Mixteca was very emotionally connected to the brand, in some ways more so than I think with a lot of corporate brands."

"From the agency side, it has to get treated like a real project," Bo added. "It has to be produced, it has to be scheduled, and strategists have to be given the time that they would be given on any project to achieve the objectives. Sometimes, I think agencies will work with a nonprofit, but it will be like, on Thursday nights, when they're at the end of the day and drinking a beer. We've found that the most successful times we've worked with nonprofits is when we treat them just like every other job."

To read the full article in Print Mag, click here.

To check out our case study for the project, click here.

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