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22.10.25 + Inspiration

Nine Frames: Elliott Chaffer

Nine frames is a photography series produced by the Trollbäck staff. Each month, we assign a disposable camera to a single team member and ask them to capture what they see. The idea is to show how different the world can look through the eyes of different people in this industry — designers, animators, strategists, filmmakers, and writers.

This week we share photos from Executive Creative Director Elliott Chaffer, who took these using a triple-lens 3D film camera. This camera takes three shots at once, slightly offset, which he then combined into single looping sequences.

"My journey to the new office is a source of constant inspiration. I skateboard or Citi bike (surfboard optional) down the hill. I stop at Head Hi art, an art book/coffee shop run by my surf friend and neighbor Mosco Uno and his wife Alex to catch some morning rays and read a chapter. Then I go through the Navy Yards and WeWork building to the ferry, which is like stepping into the future. Rain or sun, the water is the best way to travel in NYC. What I love most about it is that the ferry also goes to Rockaway Beach from my office – making a post-work session very easy."

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