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22.03.15 + Perspectives

Alex Moulton on Muse By Clio: "We Should Never Repeat Ourselves"

In order to gain fame and repeat business in this industry, there’s a notion that creatives need to develop a signature aesthetic that sets them apart from other vendors. At the start of his time at Trollbäck+Company, Chief Creative Officer Alex Moulton received a piece of advice from our founder that fully challenges the status quo.

As we’ve evolved as a studio, “we should never repeat ourselves” is an insight that has consistently informed our design process. Alex writes about how we’ve incorporated this into our approach with every client on Muse By Clio. Read more here.

“When your focus is building brands that stand apart in a complex business environment, having a "house style" is antithetical.”

—Alex Moulton, Chief Creative Officer

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