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21.08.19 + News

Motionographer: Elliott Chaffer on creating the title sequence for Them: Covenant

Them: Covenant is the first season of the thriller anthology created by Little Marvin. The story centers around a Black family moving from North Carolina to the all-white neighborhood of East Compton in the 1950s.

It is a terrifying, provocative, and profoundly relevant dramatization of the real and imagined horrors of redlining, segregation, and racism in America. Capturing the complex emotions of the series during a pivotal moment in history (global pandemic, nationwide protests, government oppression) was a lot to unpack.

"After becoming immersed in the show and reading the Director’s bible from Little Marvin, our team felt so many emotions, from upset to outrage and disgust. These feelings powered our drive to deliver work that both respected and did justice to his vision."

—Elliott Chaffer, Executive Creative Director

From the inspiration that went into the initial concepts through final execution, the entire journey called for an unprecedented level of collaboration and experimentation to get it right.

Our ECD, Elliott Chaffer, wrote a piece documenting the entire creative process, including our partnership with FX WRX’s Chris Webb, for Motionographer—a platform for the motion design community which covers the world’s leading creative content in the industry.

Check out the full article here.

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