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23.06.21 + News

Makers Magazine: Feature on Generative AI

The marketing industry will spend 20 billion this year alone on AI, causing seismic shifts in creative work that are not yet fully realized. In the recent edition of Makers Magazine, Alex Moulton joins other creative leads in a discussion about the benefits and limitations of AI-powered tools, and the practical and ethical implications we face in using them.

"We have professional, ethical, and legal responsibilities to own the work that we sell to clients, which in turn they use to represent their brands. Most AI-generated content breaks every ethical practice on multiple levels."

– Alex Moulton

The future is AI-integrated. The quality and availability of AI-powered design tools have sharply increased in 2023, forcing even the most hesitant and skeptical among us to reckon with their power. The potential for these advances to amplify many aspects of the creative process – from research and ideation phases to delivering final products – is matched by the uncertainty about how they'll affect job markets and workflows, but also creativity as we know it.

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