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20.07.28 + News

Dezeen: Introducing IRIS Flow

This week, Trollbäck+Company is celebrating the launch of one of our most interesting start-up collabs to date: The IRIS Flow Headphones, a new, algorithm-driven audio product designed to recreate the qualities of a live listening experience.

As design+tech blog Dezeen reports:

"The headphones are designed to stimulate a neurological state in which the brain is simultaneously focused and relaxed. This mindset, commonly referred to as 'flow state,' encourages individuals to listen to sound more actively."

The result: An audio experience that's more immersive, and potentially better for both mind and body. What's more, the headphones, which launched today on Indiegogo, come to market with a logo, strategy, and initial visual identity created here, at Trollbäck.

To learn more about our work with IRIS and the Fibonnacci-inspired design process behind it, read this article. To see more of our IRIS work in action, visit our case study.

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