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22.09.16 + Studio

Check out all the new features of our new website

We’ve got a new Trollbäck+Company website and we’re very (very) excited that you’re here to check it out. Our staff and developer partner have taken great care to improve every aspect of the experience so that you can more easily learn about our studio, process, past collaborations, and future ideas.

Some of the finer details to look out for as you browse:


  • See what we’re up to at-a-glance, including recent press and posts to our Insights page.
  • More motion…everywhere. Every client page now has an animated thumbnail so that you can quickly view what’s inside the project. This is especially useful when browsing our Work page.


  • We’ve added more case studies. Our recent collaborations with Betterment, USA, Wipro, Ngaren, Tinybeans, and .movtogether are all new, plus you’ll find even more projects by clicking into client pages.
  • Filter case studies by our core areas of focus: Strategy, Branding, Campaigns, and Experiential.
  • Case studies are organized into client pages, so you can view multiple projects for many of our long-term clients in one scroll. Right now you can view 80 clients with over 100 projects, all freshly updated. And even more coming soon.
  • As you scroll those longer client pages, you can quickly see which sub-project you’re viewing by looking in the top left corner next to our logo.


  • Our studio has grown and our capabilities have expanded. This page is the best place to see all that we offer now and learn more about our philosophy.
  • A clickable client grid? Finally. With limited exceptions, logos now link to a featured collaboration with that client.
  • Our cultural impact is very important to us so be sure to check out our sister company, The New Division, for even more sustainability initiatives.


  • Filter posts to find more, or search within posts to find a specific topic.
  • Within the Insights section, you can look forward to discovering more inspirations and perspectives from our staff.

We hope you enjoy our new site. Please sign up for our newsletter below to get more news and updates.

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