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19.12.11 + News

Brand New Reviewed: What Does the FOX Say?

Our FOX Entertainment rebrand just got reviewed by UnderConsideration’s Brand New. How’d we fare? You’d better see for yourself…

As design critic Armin Vit reports, “A couple of months ago, when this redesign first came up there was a bit of a hubbub about FOX changing its logo to the abstracted version that, without too much pessimism needed does read as “VOX”. Despite the numerous tips and PR pushes to cover the story with only a few random stills, I knew there was more to the story so I waited to jump on it… and it’s funny that now that there is more to the story, no other outlet has covered it because, I guess, it’s not that controversial in the end.”

Things Armin liked about the redesign: our logo update, our animation approach, and the brand video that ties it all together. Things he called out: Some portal effects, our “very random” brand collateral exploration (guess he didn’t like the skateboard?!), and of course, the notorious “VOX” debate.

If you’re interested in weighing in your opinion on any of the above, scroll down to the bottom of the article and input your vote.

You can access Brand New’s full review of the FOX Entertainment rebrand here.

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