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Morning Dose

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Design a modern brand identity for Morning Dose, a new TV show from Tribune Media’s digital publisher that reports on trending news and pop culture.


Position the show as a cultural touchpoint for young, tech-savvy audiences with a lively, modular design system that speaks to inclusivity, information, and motion.


Show branding, graphics toolkits, and live set elements introduce a playful brand and motion language for the show’s in-house team to iterate daily.

Morning Dose Music
Morning Dose Dots Bottom
Morning Dose Dots Diagonal
Morning Dose Dots Pink

Design Language

Our design system leverages bold, colorful circles to visualize helpful doses of information.

Building from simple compositions, we designed more complex patterns and defined a set of motion behaviors that make the brand feel lively and accessible.

Morning Dose Hero Image
Morning Dose Gloops

Style Guide and Toolkits

Flexible toolkits for all show elements allow in-house teams to play with on-air collateral and build out new assets.

A comprehensive brand style guide details font use, palettes, and universal on-air grid systems, ensuring that new elements adhere to established brand guidelines and network specifications.


Visual Identity –– Logo Design –– Graphic Design –– Illustration –– Animation –– Brand Guidelines –– Animation Toolkits

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